How You Can Make Money Online – Episode #1

Hello and welcome to the first of what I hope will become a long series of "How To Videos" on successful ways that you can make money online. In today's introduction, I walk you through a number of resources that I've made available to my subscribers to help make the journey as smooth as possible. First up is my Blog: www.DarrenBarton.com which has a number Read More →


How To Recruit 48 People Into Any Business In 32 Days

I have a lot of people sending me messages asking for advice on how to get their online businesses up and running. What often happens is that they forget that I (and all of the Guru's / Top Earners) started in exactly the same position too. So with that in mind I thought it might be interesting or useful even, for people to see how Read More →


Creating Your Own FREE Traffic Tsunami

I've been working exclusively online now for well over 3 years, and during that time you could say that I've learnt a thing or two about traffic – especially how to generate FREE TRAFFIC. Probably the most common question I get asked is: "How do you get so many visitors / optins / sales / referrals ?" And the reason is…. because I follow a strict Read More →

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Zero To 6 Figures In Just 6 Months

It takes many ingredients to become successful… in any sphere that you operate in. I'm an avid reader of a number of online and offline books, magazines, blogs…. anything in fact – and I'm always looking for that extra 1% that could make the difference. I stumbled across the post below, whilst reading Entrepreneur.com recently, and it relates so much to my personal experiences that I Read More →


Reflections On Times Past

Hey Darren here. I warn you now that this is a bit of an emotional Blog Post ! You see as I sat down this morning thinking about todays subject, I was reflecting on my past 12 months. And it has to be said it's been and emotional, financial and business roller-coaster.  On the plus: It's my first full year (January to January), of officially working Read More →

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4 Steps To Less “Effort” And More Success

As we approach the end of yet another year, are you looking back with pride and satisfaction with the last 12 months results ? Or, are you looking back on regret, missed opportunities and frustration ? Perhaps you’ve decided to draw a “line in the sand”, and resolved to do things differently. Perhaps you’ve already got your plan, you’ve got a whole new routine and Read More →


It’s Time To Make A Business Step Change…

During the past month I’ve made no secret of the fact that I’m busy working on a new project. I’ve been surveying my subscribers, I’ve been following up with additional questions and asking for specific feedback and suggestions from those I respect – and the result will be a brand new Website with Membership Coaching, which will go live publicly on January 1st http://HomeProfitPower.com Will become Read More →

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Affiliate ? Product Creator ? Affiliate ? Product Creator ?

I’ve recently completed an End of Year Subscriber Survey, and this has led to a number of people asking me… “What is the best way to go? Is it better to be an affiliate or is it better to own your own product?” In my mind, the answer is clear. It’s better to do both eventually. Which sounds like I’m sitting on a fence, so Read More →

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10 Steps To Automatic Product Creation

It’s an often quoted statement that over 90% of ALL businesses fail within 5 years – this is including off-line and off-line. I suspect that in the recent economic climate that this percentage has increased even higher. Just walking down my local high street yesterday I’m counting more closed or closing shops, cafes and businesses – than open. And this is during the “Golden Quarter”. Read More →

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The Ultimate Insider Secret To Online Profit

The Internet is a vast electronic world with millions of people online at any one time. But when I first started working from home I found that it was all too easy for me to be online for 10 hours or more a day, even deal with hundreds of messages, emails, skype calls and still feel completely alone. This sense of isolation is bad for your Read More →


Survey Result Analysis

Firstly I want to thank all of the subscribers that took time out to complete my recent “End of Year Survey”. I have to admit that I was a little surprised by the numbers that took part AND the answers that were given, more on this below. Secondly, after working through my analysis, reading the comments and feedback – I’ve reached a dramatic conclusion, one Read More →


Heard of HARO ?

Have You Heard Of HARO ? Well you’ll not be alone – it really is an amazingly “secret traffic source”, that is starting to become more and more popular due to our hungry need for information. HARO is free to join and each day you’ll get emails detailing what information reporters need. If you can help, reply to the journalist and give them the details Read More →


My Free BRAND NEW Offers and other animals….

     I’ve just released A Brand New updated version of my “How To Create A Successful Blog – in 1hr or less” Ebook. Alongside this release, I’ve also created 2 more Brand New editions of “LinkedIn Marketing Made Easy – The Mastery Course” and the updated version of my “Facebook Fortune – 2015”. And yes you can grab these totally free. Disclosure: There are paid upgrade versions Read More →


Survey Update

 I’m carrying out an “End of Year Survey” of my subscribers to help me focus on providing more effective information and training. The response so far has been surprisingly high considering that many people will be distracted by their Christmas planning. And I have to say that some of the results have been surprising. If you’re still wanting to contribute (remember it is totally anonymous), Read More →


I need your help – so I can help you.

Hey Darren here, I’m putting in a request for YOUR HELP. You see I’m wanting to provide people like you, my subscribers, with more relevant information and content. I’m wanting to be able to provide you with more useful Step-by-Step advice. But in order for me to do that more effectively, I really need your help in in telling me what you’d like to know. Read More →

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Facebook Fortune 2015

Thank You For Your Interest In Downloading: Facebook Fortune 2015 The Download Link Is At The Bottom Of This Page. It is quite a large file, so why not checkout the Bonus Offer below while you wait. . No Thank You I’m More Than Happy With The Working Guide.  


Heard Of The 4 hr Working Week?

We’ve all heard of the Mantra…. “The goal is to work smarter, not harder” Well, how does “The goal is to work LESS!“ sound ? I’ve been in recent discussions with Alex Jeffreys – some of you may be familiar with him already. If not a simple Google search will soon help you out 🙂 Alex is a very accomplished man and uses the Internet for Read More →



My BIGGEST Mistake and a sure fire solution for YOU When I first started working online very many years ago. I started, probably like most people selling stuff on Ebay – I was quite successful too, becoming a powerseller until like most people I ran out of stock or my dropshipper did a U turn. But as I look back now I made a gut Read More →


5 Steps To Profitable Emails

It’s all too easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life and forget to do those basic things that create real results in our lives. While posting a Video, Twittering and sitting on Facebook are all fine and good (in moderation), we MUST use the basic and proven methods of marketing if we want to survive and thrive. Email marketing is one of those Read More →


Learning The 1,2,3 of Your A.B.C

  I’ve just gotten off a skype call with a fellow Online Marketer who was asking for some help, guidance even mentoring. And whilst I don’t actively do this type of “consultation”, I am getting more and more people reaching out to me. I do find it flattering of course. But I think the real driving force behind the increase in contacts is possibly two Read More →


How Do You Know If A Product Is Any Good ?

How Do You Know If A Product Is Any Good ? We are constantly bombarded with email after post after email after message after tweet…. about the next best shiney product. BUT how can we ever get behind all of the hype and marketing and discover the truth behind a product ? It’s something that I constantly battle against, but more often than not, I’ll Read More →

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How Are You Measuring Your Success ?

How Do You Measure Your Success ? Your Keys To Successful Working From Home  Working from the comfort of your own home is the stuff of dreams. However, and again I’m in danger of shattering yet another “myth”. It isn’t easy !! One of the problems with working on the Internet is that most of us do it in isolation. You need to be self Read More →


Can You Handle The Truth About How Many Websites You Actually Need ?

Can You Handle The Truth About How Many Websites You Actually Need ? There was quite a response to yesterdays post – How Many Products Should I Sell On My Blog ? –  One of the common questions arising was, “How many sites should I have if I want to succeed online?” It’s a good question, and one I had myself when I started out online. You see, Read More →


How Many Products Should I Sell On My Blog ?

How Many Products Should I Sell On My Blog……without confusing my visitors ? This is a great question, and one that I’m often asked by people when they are starting to get serious about their Online Business. Too often people use a scattergun effect, I know I did when I started, trying to offer as many different products, programs, schemes… in the hope that someone Read More →


What Is Affiliate Marketing Really ?

You have probably heard the term ‘affiliate program‘ many times. People talk about them, advertise them, and promote them. Every marketer and their pet hamster (including me) has recommended you start your online career by being an “affiliate”. But has anyone actually defined an affiliate program for you? Do you understand what being an affiliate is all about? Whether you’re a newbie or just a little overwhelmed by Read More →


6 Simple Steps To Product Creation

Your brain has the X Factor That’s right. You have enough information inside your head right now to create an information product like this that can be sold using the Internet, and you can do it in the next  two weeks or less if you are focused and follow a few simple steps. I’m serious about this. You could begin selling your product only days from now – And I’m going to show you how Read More →


No.1 Magic Word For Your Online Success

You may have heard the age-old story of the tortoise and the hare. The slow and deliberate tortoise wins the race by consistent (although slow) effort, while the hare, shamelessly over-confident, sleeps away his opportunity. Many online business people are like the hare, relying on the next big thing to get them quickly to the place they want to be – we often refer to this as the Read More →


Sorry…. Members Only

It’s interesting to me how we make things complicated when they don’t need to be. Believe me, I’m guilty of it too. Take creating a membership site for example, something that I’m just coming to the end of completing 🙂 I speak with people all the time who want to have a membership site of their own but can’t get started. There is no doubt – owning a Read More →


Huh, What’s “Life” Ever Done For Me ?

We live in a hectic time…. we hurry here, we scurry there. It’s been said that when they excavate the ruins of 21st century America they will easily conclude that we worshipped clocks. After all, we hang them on our walls and buildings, we have them in every room of our houses and right next to our beds. We have them in our cars and at Read More →

basket weaving

Underwater Basket Weaving

Have you struggled to make any real money promoting affiliate products? Most people do struggle, and many simply give up. That’s a shame because affiliate marketing can be both simple and very rewarding when done right. One of the reasons some people struggle with affiliate marketing has to do with the decisions they make before they promote. The reality is this – making money as an affiliate is the Read More →

Myth Busting

3 Traffic Myths Busted Wide Open

I want to share the truth about traffic with you. These are core principles that I’ve learned, sometimes the hard way, over the past few years. I don’t hear a lot of people talking about this, these are things that I know to be true and I want to share them with you…. before you fall into the spiral of massive frustration and financial mistakes. Truth number Read More →

small shop

When “small” Just Doesn’t Cut It….

Last week (beginning June 17) was Small Business Week. Small Business Week has been celebrated for 50 years now. If you own a website or blog, work as an affiliate, or in any other way are moving toward making money online then you are a small business. You might not feel like a small business. You might not have an official business name, own an LLC or have any Read More →

spice up your life

Spice Up Your Content

When it comes to content marketing, many people are curious about what types of content work best. Questions we often hear include… Should I have a blog or something else? Should I fill it with articles or videos? Who will write the articles that go on my content marketing site? What about webinars and all the other options out there? During my time online I’ve experimented with many variations Read More →

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Whatever you are…..YOU ARE NOT THE PROBLEM !!

Whatever you are…..YOU ARE NOT THE PROBLEM !! Have you ever found yourself discouraged about making money online ? Wondering if maybe – just maybe – this Internet thing can work for others but it won’t work for you ? If you have felt that way, the good news is that you are not alone. In fact, far too many today have wasted far too much Read More →


5 Powerful Podcasts – where training is free !!

5 Powerful Podcasts – where training is free !! Do you love to learn things that make your life, and business, better ? Do you like doing that for free ? If you answered yes, then these resources might just be for you ! I decided many years ago to (Try to) be a lifelong learner. reading books, listening to tapes (now CDs and DVDs) Read More →


How I Control My Bad Moments

How often do you look at your success story? If you are like most people, it’s not often enough! We all have a success story you know. Even if you have been cheated, abused, ripped off and worse, you have success stories to tell. The key is to not let your low points overwhelm your high points and make you feel like you are failing. For example, most people who Read More →


It’s Still Not Too Late To Make This Year Different

You know, as I look out of my office window this morning, I’m shocked to realise that 6 months has already flown by this year. Which means, is it too late to make this year any different than last year ? When it comes to succeeding online – whether that means starting your own online business, earning money as an affiliate, working for an online company or program….or Read More →

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Traffic…… What’s It Good For !!

It seems that every guru (and would-be guru) in the land is talking about TRAFFIC. This information usually comes in hype-filled fashion, using terms like “How to get ‘laser focused’ traffic in massive amounts to your site for so little money it makes you laugh until your pants are wet” Or something along those lines 🙂 Getting traffic to a site or offer is probably Read More →


$1,000,000 Headlines – Swipe File

$1,000,000 Headlines – Swipe File Yesterday I gave you a starter list of probably the most POWERFUL WORDS that you could ever use in your Headline Writing. Today I’m going to give you a list of Headlines that have made the user at least $1,000,000 Some of these you maybe familiar with, others probably not so – but just ask yourself after reading each one…. Read More →

Powerful Words To Use In Your Headlines

Powerful Words To Use In Your Headlines As I’ve already discussed in previous posts – your Headline is the most IMPORTANT feature of anything that you do. Whether this is for a classified advert, solo ad, blog post, facebook post….. So one of the key skills you need to develop quickly, is that of finding and using the “POWER WORDS”. If provided you with a Read More →


Measure Your Feet Day……honestly

Measure Your Feet Day…. Studies show that it costs anything from 4 – 10 TIMES MORE to create a new client or customer, than it does to keep an existing one.  Yet one look at most marketing plans quickly reveals that companies spend most of their time, money and effort to make new customers. Just take a look at; Insurance, Banks, Energy Companies Internet Providers…..The’ll provide new customers Read More →


Let Me Tell You A Story…….

Settle down and let me tell you a story….. This gentleman was called Victor Serebriakoff, and when he was a boy he was told by a teacher that he was a dunce, a dummy. His teacher told Victor to find a job doing manual labour because hard work at menial jobs was the best he could ever expect. Believing this to be true (and why wouldn’t he ?), Read More →


What Is Email Marketing ?

What Is Email Marketing And Is It Really Worth The Effort ? I know you’ve heard about the power and profitability of email marketing from lots of people and articles in the past – BUT is it really worth it ?. When it comes to all sorts of Internet marketing there is so much hype that it’s easy to give up on separating the wheat from Read More →

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NEVER- let anyone tell you what you Can or Can’t do….

NEVER- let anyone tell you what you Can or Can’t do…. keeping your dreams alive !! From time to time we all suffer set backs that force us to question if we are doing the right thing – no matter what it is we are doing. Those who know me at a personal level will understand that I’ve experienced two very tragic events just since Read More →

20 Paid Traffic Methods

  20 Paid Traffic Methods In a previous post we discussed 20 ways to get free traffic. At the end of the day we all have the same choices when it comes to traffic – we earn it or we buy it. Smart marketers do both continually by doing things like building their list from the traffic they get from sources like paid advertising. That’s a smart tactic that creates true Read More →

Over 20 Free Traffic Methods

Over 20 Free Traffic Methods Driving traffic can be confusing, can’t it? There are so many voices – so many opinions. Everyone seems to be wanting to sell their “latest and greatest” method of driving traffic. Some of these “shiny object” methods are stale by the time they get to market and will simply never work. You know that if you have bought any of the “three Read More →


Sticky Success Steps……

Sticky Success Steps…… Everyone who owns a web site wants it to be “sticky.” We want visitors to stay on our site long enough to see what we have to offer… and hopefully start to connect with YOU and eventually buy something. In this regard, web sites and offline stores have something in common. While we both suffer from our share of “tyre kickers” (those who never intended Read More →


Headline Psychology – Top 10 Headlines

Headline Psychology – Top 10 Headlines If you are interested in driving traffic to your website, or you are into list building or affiliate marketing, then you probably know the importance of a great headline. It’s often been said that the ability to write great headlines is the most important skill in all of copywriting. After all, unless you have a great headline your selling message won’t get read. This applies to Read More →


5 Reality Check Questions – to ask yourself

  Are You Really Ready To Work From Home ? Are you really ready to start a home business – seriously ? A lot of people feel they are, I know I thought I certainly was (I was so sweet and naive then 🙂 ). But I had’nt considered what running my own business would really entail. I was too busy doing what most people Read More →


My Home Office Mistakes

Hey there 🙂 Like most people, I started my work from home business career on a purely part-time basis. So I made do with the kitchen table, the sofa and my bedroom at times. However what this did was create a “Part-Time” attitude to my work and support. Don’t mis-understand me, I was making money, but it wasn’t enough for me to retire on. It Read More →

My Office

Setting Up My Home Office

Hey there. Since I’ve started working from home on a full-time basis I’ve been very particular about “How I Do This”. One of the perks of becoming my own boss is having full control on how my workplace should look..I’ve been able to choose the decor (well my wife decided on this to be perfectly honest), decide on the furniture and cabinet, and upgrade the Read More →


About Darren Barton

  Hey there, I’m Darren Barton 🙂 Firstly I’d like to thank you for taking the time to search out my Blog…. and taking the extra time to read my Posts. Until the past 3-4 yrs my life has been fantastic. A beautiful and supportive wife (Sue) with 3 of the worlds best children (Ben, Aimee and Millie) and a successful series of careers. We’ve Read More →

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Tracking Your Stats to Increase Traffic

Tracking Your Stats to Increase Traffic While your main concern right now may be worrying about how many visitors your website is getting. Have you thought about tracking your statistics to your site’s pages? There is an easy tool that allows you to do just this. It is part of Google Analytics and is called In Page Analytics. You should be using Google Analytics on Read More →

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Sources of Free Traffic

Sources of Free Traffic Below you will find some great sources of free traffic. Some will have paid options, but if you don’t mind trading time for money you can still achieve great results from the free methods. Your goal when driving any traffic to your site is to aim for high quality sources. Those that are tightly related to your niche. This traffic will Read More →

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Promoting Your Content for Free Traffic

Promoting Your Content for Free Traffic While you may understand the importance of publishing fresh content to your website regularly. Do you actually make an effort to promote these posts? While this may seem like such a simple step, it is one that many blog owners overlook. After you have created and published your new blog post it takes only seconds to share it. You Read More →

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Join Influential Groups to Gain New Visitors to Your Website

Join Influential Groups to Gain New Visitors to Your Website Social sites are extremely popular right now. Some of them have influential groups within them. You can join these groups and gain new visitors to your website. A good example of where to find influential groups is over on LinkedIn. You can easily search for all kinds of groups that are related to your website Read More →

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Get Your On Site SEO Correct

Get Your On Site SEO Correct If you are looking for free traffic sources you need to start with your own website or blog first. By this we mean that you need to have basic SEO, or search engine optimization in place first. Let’s look at how you can achieve this. Basic SEO Here are some of the basic things you need to have in Read More →

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Get More Traffic with Your Google Account

Get More Traffic with Your Google Account There is no denying that Google is the largest search engine around. Therefore it makes perfect sense to create and use your own Google account. If you haven’t yet created a Google account you could be missing out on a ton of traffic. Once you have created an account you will have easy access to Google+, YouTube, Google Read More →


Get Free Traffic from Your Content

Get Free Traffic from Your Content One simple way to get a boatload of free traffic is from writing high quality content. Not a great writer? Not to worry there are still ways you can produce quality content without having to write it from scratch yourself. There are several ways you can create content for your blog regularly. The first way is to use a Read More →

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​General Overview of Free Traffic Sources

General Overview of Free Traffic Sources When it comes to generating traffic to your website for free, you do have lots of options. These options will work and are perfect for those of you who prefer to trade time for money. Social Sites & Bookmarking Sites Posting to social media sites is extremely popular, who doesn’t love to Like or Share a post? So why Read More →


Finding Free Traffic for Your Website

Finding Free Traffic for Your Website Once you have a website or blog up and running your next step is to drive traffic to it. This is where numerous people get a li;le stuck. Where and how do you find traffic or visitors for your site? This short Email Report will help explain this. There are basically two types of traffic, free and paid. Both Read More →

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